For as long as Ed Edwards can remember, some form of art was always present in his life — whether it was helping make a mosaic as a family project, watching his artist father paint in his studio, or being mesmerized by the stained glass windows in his grandparents’ house.
Ed grew up in Chicago, graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin with a degree in psychology, and obtained his MBA from New York University.  Ed began making stained glass shortly after he graduated from college and continued, as time allowed, throughout his business career.

After 16 years of working at a Napa Valley winery, Ed decided to take a leap of faith and opened a stained glass studio where he made commissioned windows for businesses, churches and residences across the United States.  Ed’s transition to kiln formed art began when a stained glass window project required glass that was not commercially available. Ed solved the problem by  buying a kiln and making the perfect glass for the project.  The transition to hot glass continued over the years and today he focuses exclusively on creating kiln-formed glass artwork.

Ed moved to Mobile in 2006 and opened his studio in downtown Mobile. He is excited to be a part of Mobile’s downtown renaissance. 

Napa, California