Creating kiln formed glass is the simple matter of combining glass, heat, and time.  The glass artist contributes an idea, a few techniques, and the patience to  transform the idea into reality.  For me, creating the art form is relatively easy.  But making that art form exciting and unique, that’s the challenge.  An exciting piece takes advantage of the liquid appearance of glass.  It uses glass’s transparency and reflective nature to provide a feeling of depth. And it breaks the bounds of a standard shape to provide another dimension of interest, such as allowing the outer edge of a vase or bowl to flow over, creating drips of glass that may even extend to the table surface.

And then, by adding a bit of whimsy to everyday objects, I can create a fun art piece, like breakfast.
My current work explores this liquid nature of glass, allowing it to flow or fold, and then freezing it at the moment the glass reaches the desired shape.  Each step along this journey brings a new discovery.  The drips along the edge of amorphous shapes become legs.  The shapes morph into geometrics.  The shapes stand on their side to become sculpture.  The legs lengthen to create taller vases.  The exploration continues daily with the rallying call, “What if...”

Napa, Califorina